Many of you have asked us about the development of Factions, so we will be answering the most frequently asked questions about the game.

What is the game about?

Factions is a tactical combat boardgame for two players, each one controlling different factions with unique abilities. They will fight for, conquer and then defend strategic points called generators. By doing this they will have more resources to complete one among a range of objectives that will lead them to victory. Players take turns activating their units and try to combine their skills to execute powerful strategies. Factions thus based on a premise similar in some ways to that of MOBA-style video games. It offers, however, the possibilities of an accessible learning wargame that combines mechanics of both dungeon crawlers and collectible card games. Factions takes place in the fantasy universe of The Great Cataclysm.

Is there going to be any book collecting Faction’s art and lore?

If everything goes as planned, there will be a first book involving arts from The Great Cataclysm, history and some explanations on our creative process. There will be also some stories in different formats, and we will be working on the narrative maintenance that a universe like this requires. However, although there is work in development, our priority at the moment is the game, together with reaching the stability that will allow us to continue with this adventure.

How many factions will there be?

The game will launch with two factions: Fungal Kingdoms and Automatonia. However, there are new ones in development stage and that number would increase in future releases.

Will the game be translated to other languages?

Our aim is to produce the game both in English and Spanish. We want to be transparent, so we will inform about our possibilities during the production stage. At the moment, we are considering either launching in both languages at the same time or creating separated campaigns. In the future, if the game is successful, we will consider translating it to other languages.

Will the game be available in other countries?

That’s our goal. However, we will specify whether it can be shipped worldwide or not, and which countries it can be shipped to.