Factions: the game is a fast tactical combat game where everything can change during a round, keeping up the suspense until the very last moment. This is made possible by bringing together card games mechanics and combat on the table. Thus, you won´t know if your rival has already deployed the most dangerous warriors or maybe keeps something special just for you. In Factions, each player builds an army deck according to their strategy to deploy creatures, heroes and equipment and activate special abilities to conquer the generators and achieve the objectives of each confrontation.

First and foremost, Factions aims to be a fun and accessible combat game, so that newcomers and veterans alike can enjoy it without spending too much time on it. As other games in this genre, the more you play, the more you will enjoy it. After playing a couple of games, you’ll be looking forward to make changes on starter deck, or even build your own.

One can recognize Mycosia’s philosophy on the table, where suffered damage and even death may not be harmful if correctly canalized. Moreover, this faction counts on the most advanced medicine of the Great Cataclysm. Fungal warriors are fast and move effectively across the terrain. In addition, they can deploy a wide range of monstrous creatures and many tiny ones that form increasingly powerful hordes that will be underestimated by your enemies.

The Ultimate Goal means everything for the automatons, which only know discipline. They’ll do whatever is necessary to fulfil their mission and that makes them unpredictable on the battlefield. They will be well positioned to benefit from the formations and effects of their comrades so they can achieve their peak performance. Automatons have tremendously tough warriors in their ranks, powerful equipment and expendable creatures unafraid to die. To think like an automaton is to think of the most likely way to reach an end, whatever the cost.

Build your army deck by wisely choosing, combining and balancing powerful heroes, efficient creatures and equipment that enhance their abilities and complement your strategy.

The objective of the game is revealed during the preparation phase, so you should design your deck with different situations in mind - or maybe you prefer to go double or nothing? adaptation or efficiency? it's up to you!

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This is a game in development, so we want to show you our progress and let you know about the steps we take. We love our work and we want to share the world we are creating with you.