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Welcome Hi automatons and fungus people!

Hi automatons and fungus people!

Welcome to the official Factions: the game blog. The reason for starting this blog is none other than to inform about the state of the game, post news and talk about the Factions universe creation process in a more direct and detailed way. We know that this process is moving slowly, but we are not going to launch just a game, but a universe. Our project is really big, there are few of us and the amount of work is overwhelming, and that's why our decisions are always aimed at improving the project, avoiding any short-term measures that sacrifice its quality. Moreover, as we have already said before, we are not going to launch a campaign to pay for an unfinished game. Instead, the studio will publish the campaign with the idea that the only thing left to do is to get the machines up and running. During these difficult days, also for entrepreneurship, we want more than ever to create an interesting world to offer fun and inspiration to other people (our Ultimate Goal, hehe).Welcome

We think that having this channel will always be useful to keep those of you who support us informed.

We hope that you will find the content we publish interesting, both for those who enjoy seeing game previews, lore or art details and also for those who want to get a closer look at the creation process. In this blog, as long as our already busy schedule allows us, there will be news, development articles, gameplay explanations and much more. So, I hope you enjoy watching how our creature grows, and see how far we all manage to take it together.

Best regards, 
David and Juan, creators of Factions: the game