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Last week we started testing sessions with players!

The main challenge now, with the mechanics more stable, is to calibrate different game objectives, and that will be the focus of testing. We want them to be well-paced, but in this kind of game, where the strategy and decks of each player greatly influence the game, it takes a lot of work to limit those situations that you don't want to happen (although this is inherent to strategy games, we want to get as much feedback as possible from the testers).

Testing sessionsCard games and combat games tend to be more fun the more you play them, and therefore it is also important to present them as intuitively as possible. That's why we are now working on a starter game that will be suggested in the core box as a way to approach the game. Some of the mechanics will be limited in this kind of game, not because they are complex, but so that first-time players don't have to control too many variables and find it easier to get started. So, last week we had what we hope will be the first of many testing sessions with people from outside the project. We thank them for their time!

In the meantime, the design department is working overtime on the redesign of the prototype and the corrections and suggestions on artwork that are regularly coming in from the testers.

In addition, a little over a month ago we started exploring the idea of including a simple multiplayer mode for 3 and 4 player skirmishes and, after a first draft, we have just started working on testing. So yes, I think we can safely say that the core box will have a multiplayer mode, an extra that will not require its own resources that increase the price and will provide additional hours of fun. In future posts we will explain how the main objectives and multiplayer mode work.