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Shall we catch up?

Hi automatons and fungus people!

Before we start focusing on other issues and revealing details about the Great Cataclysm, let's catch up. We've been a bit absent, but we prefer it this way. Not only do we work simultaneously on this and other projects, but the Great Cataclysm universe itself requires us to develop material and to work on areas other than the game. In fact, the further we've progressed with the basic Factions: the Game box, the less time we've had for social media. Shall we catch up? Shall we catch up? Although it can sometimes lead to impatience, we can't rush this process because it's not about finishing the game but about laying the foundations of something bigger so that this project can succeed, and we can dedicate ourselves exclusively to it (that is our dream). It has been a wild ride from the start, and we intend to push it as far as we can. Having said that, don't worry, we haven't stopped working to bring Factions: the Game and the accompanying universe to life.

It's still too early to reveal anything but know that Factions: the Game is not the only project we want to see come to life.

Lately, we have been working on the following:

  • Creating the new prototype: there are new cards and creatures in the core box that greatly enrich the game and we want to improve certain graphical shortcomings that we have observed while playing, to give it the best possible finish we can. In this process we have to reconcile the needs of our manufacturers and our own. It's like packing a suitcase. You have a lot of things to pack, but you don't want the suitcase to be too big so that you won't have to check it in at the airport. Fuel prices have skyrocketed, and we have to try to make sure that this causes the least harm to you and to us.

  • Working and testing the new game objectives. Factions: the Game, aims to move along a line that welcomes both experienced players and people who like board games but are not familiar with combat games. This is not easy. Although the game shares accessible dungeon crawler mechanics and card mechanics, we want it to be tactical, but above all fun.

  • Telling the history of the Ancient Being, the origin of the mycosians and automatons and explaining what both civilisations are like. We are writing this content because art and lore is as important to us as any other aspect, and when the game is on track, we will compile all of the previously organized content into a book of art and history.

  • The first expansion: yes! We will talk about it later, but we are currently working on a small first expansion of creatures.

  • I save you the logistical and financial mess.

  • We are expanding the universe, generating its narrative rules and developing several of the characters that populate this world.